Doubles / Imitators
All shows complete with wigs/props/costumes;  costume-changing;  with 2 – 6 dancers or more…



” TONY-L ”  – –  Tony the PSY Double Show
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Woppang Gangnam Style!!!

A very entertaining show with crowd-interaction guaranteed. A MUST-SEE!!!

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BOOKING:     30 mins.  or  45 mins.  or  1 hour-show


” AIM-ME”  – –  The Amy Winehouse Tribute Show  

Presenting the Soul Diva of the Millenium!!!

A dynamic show featuring our very own Tom Jones-sing-a-like rendering Tom Jones’ hit songs. T-Jones sounds uncanningly like the original that you wouldn’t believe your ears. To hear is to believe!!!

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BOOKING:     30 mins. or 45 mins.


MS. TEE ”  – –  The Tina Turner Tribute Show 

Presenting the Queen of Rock & Roll…  – –  Tina Turner!!!

A dynamite show to rock the house! Featuring our very own Tina Turner-sing-a-like belting the diva’s hit songs from the 60’s ’til the Millenium. A MUST-SEE!!!

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BOOKING:     30 min. or 45 min. or 1 hour -show




The MAD-DONNA’s ”  – –  The Evolution Of Madonna Show 

Presenting the Queen of Pop & Dance  – –  3 decades of Madonna...

Be wowed by 3 female singers rendering the hits from Madonna from the 80’s ’til the present that will make you get up & dance in no time. So, get down, get down, get down!!!


BOOKING:     1 hour -show   or   3 x 20 min.-show


Jackson Tree ”  – –  The Evolution Of Michael Jackson Show

Presenting the King of Pop & Dance  – –  Michael Jackson!!!

Be wowed by 3 performers rendering the hits from Michael Jackson from the 70’s ’til the Millenium.


BOOKING:     1 hour -show


” Girlie Girlie ”  – –  The Pussycat Dolls Tribute Show 

Cabaret, Broadway & Moulin Rouge!!!

An eye-popping show featuring our living dolls rendering hit songs from the burlesque era. A MUST-SEE!!!

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BOOKING:     30 min. or 45 min. or 1 hour -show